GUARDING KAMI is a new Christian Romantic Suspense novel. Now available EXCLUSIVELY at Amazon!

Kami never wanted her grandfather's fortune, but he left it to her anyway. Now, she's not only been labeled as money hungry, she's also attracted the attention of a determined stalker.

When an equally determined Private Investigator from her church insists on helping her, Kami is reluctant to trust him. After all, most people are only out to try to get a piece of her inheritance. But Gabe Mathews seems as if he just might be different.

Can she put aside her damaged heart and trust in Gabe's Christian intentions before the stalker makes a move? Or is he just another person who intends to take advantage of her?

Nene and Nate, book one

Mid-grade reader children's book
Now available for download at Amazon.

Hi, my name is Nene. I’m twelve years old and I’m the luckiest girl in Kansas. See, me and my little brother, Nate, get to go on a grand adventure every single summer.
So, while all of our friends have to stay home and do the same boring stuff every summer - or worse yet, be packed off to the babysitter’s house while their parents work – Nate and I get to go have fun adventures, go exploring, find hidden treasures, meet new people, and generally, have the time of our lives.

The Narrow Gate

The Narrow Gate - Now Available on Amazon

A dystopian parable of Mathew 7:13-14.

Being a Stray with a dangerous secret can be a fate worse than death.
After the Fall of the Days of Tech, the world is a harsh and desolate place. Protected behind a massive Gate, the citizens of GateWide live out their days in the shadow of an evil Sovereign.

When Mathew unexpectedly becomes a Stray, his whole life changes. Suddenly he must leave behind everything he’s ever known or face life as a slave in the Sovereign’s House. His only chance is to escape into the wilderness, but with no skills to help him endure that harsh and dangerous environment, there is little hope that he’ll survive.

When he stumbles across a fellow Stray, one with a strange need to do the right thing even if it endangers her own life, he thinks he just might have a chance. But he soon discovers that the forbidden device that he possesses puts him in far more danger than he ever imagined.

Hunted by the Sovereign’s Enforcers and surrounded by mutated creatures in the vast wilderness, Mathew must learn to do more than just survive. He must find a way to live.


When everyone else is infected, it's dangerous to know the cure...

Julie thought that everything was going to be fine. She'd thought they were all safe now. But she'd been wrong.

When a careless action destroys the only device that can be used to eradicate the nanobots that are infecting the city's teens, a military quarantine is put into effect to try to control the quickly spreading contagion, and Julie must once again fight for the lives of those she loves.

But Julie has an unseen enemy who seeks to keep the contagion alive and growing. And he'll do anything to prevent Julie from revealing the cure. Anything...

INFECTED is the second book in the MIND MODS series.


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