New Release: Mercy, Book 4 of the Invisible Series

MERCY is now available on Amazon!

Ruby and her niece have both recently developed strange new abilities. Ruby has tried her best to keep these abilities a secret, unwilling to expose both herself and her niece to the world's censure. But when a strange man arrives out of the blue, asking questions about things he should know nothing about, Ruby is thrust into a maelstrom of danger and deception. Will she be able to protect her vulnerable niece from the threat that stalks them both, or will her worst fears come to fruition?

MERCY is the action-packed fourth book in the Invisible series. This series is supernatural Christian suspense and not for the faint of heart (or faith). But, if you love pulse-pounding action intertwined with a Christian storyline, then this book is right for you.

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Tags: female detective, Private Investigator, kidnapping, drug abuse, supernatural evil, demons, super hero, Christian, God, Christ, Christian fiction.