New Release: Riches, book 2 of The Invisible

THRILLING CHRISTIAN FICTION! The spiritual realm exists just outside the range of normal, human senses, but a select group of people have been blessed with supernatural abilities that allow them to see into this realm. These gifts make them a target for the forces of evil, and also empower them to be a force for good. These people are called the Invisible.

In RICHES, the exciting second book of The Invisible series:

Leo Vance is trying to adjust to being obscenely wealthy, but it's not coming easy for him. He's not used to being able to buy whatever he wants, and he wasn't really expecting the host of problems that extreme amounts of money would create in his life. He's lost his girlfriend, all of his friends, and now he's got a shady group of guys trying to abduct him at every turn. Not only that, but he's begun to see evil shadows and odd hallucinations at every turn.

When Bella Thompson, a woman he's never met, shows up offering aid, he's not sure that he can trust her motives. After all, most people are only after his money. But when they're both suddenly under attack by forces he does not understand, Leo has no choice but to rely on her and her strange abilities.