Bella, prequel novella for The Invisible

THRILLING CHRISTIAN FICTION! The spiritual realm exists just outside the range of normal, human senses, but a select group of people have been blessed with supernatural abilities that allow them to see into this realm. These gifts make them a target for the forces of evil, and also empower them to be a force for good. These people are called the Invisible.

Meet Bella - she's an Invisible, she just doesn't know it yet…

Bella has a problem - she's started seeing shadows, hearing thoughts and experiencing things that are just beyond the realm of what's normal. Not only that, but she has attracted the attention of a bad group of people.

Beauty is the first novella in the Invisible series, a series of supernatural Christian novellas and novels that will introduce you to a group of extraordinary people who possess extraordinary gifts. Each of these individuals must choose whether to use their gifts and abilities to fight the forces of darkness, or join them and wreak havoc upon the world.

This episode of the Invisible is novella length, meant to be a short introduction to the series. Enjoy!