Rescue, book 3 of The Invisible

The spiritual realm exists just outside the range of normal, human senses, but a select group of people have been blessed with supernatural abilities that allow them to see into this realm. These gifts make them a target for the forces of evil, and also empower them to be a force for good. These people are called the Invisible.

Connor Jensen hadn’t known how much more there was to the world, until he was able to see what had previously been hidden from him. His journey had started out quite innocuously. He’d been on his way home from work and he’d taken the subway, as usual. It had been Friday evening, and he’d been looking forward to getting home, trading his work suit for a pair of sweats and slumping down in front of the TV for a little rerun time. But then he’d met her and his life had changed forever.

He’d noticed the woman the moment she entered the subway car, and when she took the seat beside him, Connor had been rendered speechless at her beauty. Hers was not the traditional prettiness that so many women cultivated. No, she had something different about her, a beauty which seemed to emanate from inside. Of course, her face and form were gorgeous too, but it was something else that drew Connor to her. Something almost spiritual. She was completely without artifice. She wore no makeup that Connor could see – which, in his experience, was quite unusual for a woman – no nail polish, no cloying perfume, no eye shadow, lipstick or face powder. Yet, she seemed to be spectacularly beautiful to him. Her long blond hair was loose and free around her face, and her blue eyes were clear and happy.

Connor was immediately drawn to her. He sat there beside her, arguing with himself. Should he be bold and ask for her number? Or should he be polite and ignore her presence? He was sure that, with her looks and inner beauty, men asked her for her phone number all of the time. He was still arguing with himself when she spoke.

“Actually, you’d be surprised to know that no one ever asks me for my phone number.”

Her voice was as beautiful as the rest of her, and for a moment her words did not register. He heard only the sweet husky timbre of her voice and he was a little bewildered over the fact that she was talking to him. But then, he realized what she’d said.

“Excuse me?” he asked, trying to be polite.

“You were wondering if you should ask for my phone number, and thinking that it might be rude, since so many other men must have done it before you. Weren’t you?”

Connor nodded dumbly, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I was. But, how did you…?”

“How did I know? Simple. I can read your mind. I can read the mind of almost anyone, really. Most people don’t know the secret of how to protect their thoughts, or even see the need for it at all. And, just for your information, most men don’t ask for my phone number because, quite truthfully, they usually cannot see me. It is quite odd that you can.”

Connor cleared his throat, trying to think of something polite to say. Why was it that, when he finally had the chance to talk to a beautiful woman - one who interested him in a way that he hadn’t been interested in for a very long while - she turned out to be insane?

She laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m not insane. Far from it actually. I don’t know what to call it exactly, but it is definitely not insanity. Perhaps extreme spirituality?”

“You really can read my mind then?”

The woman winked at him, then put a finger to her lips in a motion for him to be quiet. She pointed to several of his fellow passengers, who were all looking at him oddly.

“You’d better stop talking to me, or they will think you are the insane one. You are the only person here who can see me, it seems.”