Experiences in Research - Hackers and the Deep Web for ZERO DAY

Researching Hackers and the Deep Web:
Did you know that my author site was recently hacked? Care to hazard a guess as to why? Well, I can’t be sure, but I think it might have something to do with the research I’ve been doing lately for my newest Suspense book (ZERO DAY, book two in the Sam Stone series). You see, I’ve been doing copious amounts of research on hacking and also on the Deep Web.

Some refer to the Deep Web as the Dark Web, some say that the Dark Web is just a part of the Deep Web, with the Deep Web being the larger whole. No matter what you call it, it’s kind of a scary place! For instance, did you know it is possible to actually buy people on the Dark Web? That's not a typo. PEOPLE! If my research is factual, then it is possible to actually buy a person on the Web. Very creepy!

I'm guessing that someone noticed my research and decided to hack my author site. No worries though, I recovered my data, patched the security holes and blocked a whole slew of IP addresses. (And hey, if you hackers are reading this, that is NOT A CHALLENGE to try again. Please, twice was enough, okay guys? I'm only doing research!!)

The life of an author is never dull!